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News and Updates.

18.06.2015 Website overhaul is done! Huzzah! Isnt that better?

Webstore is down, MFB is preparing stock for FurWAG in Oct and working on commissions.
Had a blast at FurDU, thanks to everyone who visited. Tails were practically sold out in half an hour! I'll try to have more stock and range next time!


14.03.2015 MFB will be dealing at FurDU this year for the first time!

Stop by at table # 2 and say hi! Webstore updated. Gallery Updated.



7.11.2014  Pricing has been updated.


12.08.2014 Web Store is down. General overhaul and site updated.



24.01.2014 Website is under some reconstruction to bring it up to scratch and simplify the layout and navigation. Web store has been updated with categories and new items.


01.12.2013 Lanyards have been added to the for sale page.




10.09.2013 Web Store Is Back!

The Web Store has been reactivated and is in the process of being stocked.

These items will all be at FurWAG and sales will be held there first. Anything remaining will be listed as available after FurWAG, and sold items will be removed from the store.


I am happy to arrange pre-sale for local furs wishing to pick up at the con.


15.08.2013 The November Artlib slot has been filled.

Thanks for all the emails and great (and weird) ideas.

The suit that will be made starting in November is an avian. Designing will begin shortly!



04.08.2013 Facebook Tail Give Away

Ill be doing a tail giveaway when I get to 80 likes on Facebook.

There will be 2 winners and they can either choose a small to medium premade tail in stock, or get me to make one with fur I have (small to med covers most of my tails, just not the really big ones).

Ill be paying for delivery in Australia. Outside of AU winners will need to pay for shipping.

To qualify for the tail raffle people will need to like my Facebook page AS WELL AS THE POST about the give away.



22.07.2013 I'd like to open for ONE artistic liberty slot to begin construction in November.

I will look at what people are after and choose something that I would like to make.

Please do not be upset or take offence if you are not selected.

If this goes well I may open for another slot in Dec/Jan.

Please read this page carefully.


- Construction will begin after NOVEMBER after my current queue is cleared up.

- This is an artistic liberty slot for a full suit or partial, depending on the commissioners' budget, There will be no priority given to either full or partial suit but to the idea behind the species and general colouration. 


- If the commissioner is not picking up in person they agree to pay all packing and postage fees.


- The suit will not leave my hands until all parts are paid for in full, including postage.


- If the commissioner fails to pay in full in a reasonable time after completion I reserve the right to resell the suit to someone else. Any moneys already paid will be refunded where suitable to do so, and the commissioner will be black listed for future commissions.


- I will not run around after you. If I need something from you (shoes, hand traces or DTD) I expect you to get it to me in a reasonable amount of time. Don't expect me to drive all over the country side for you, please.


- the commissioner will supply their DTD in a good, well constructed condition. I will not spend 5 hours reconstructing your dead body for free. I will either tell you to do it again or have to charge you extra for my wasted time that I could have used making other items.


- The head base may be foam on balaclava made my me, or a resin base. Note that resin bases will cost an extra $140 + shipping.

- If new fur is being purchased it is to be paid for upfront or at the time of ordering. for a full suit 9 - 10m of DF fur from will cost in the area of $430AUD including postage to Australia. Excess fur will be offered to the commissioner for extra parts or repairs.


- Where on hand fur is to be used the rate will be approx $20p/m. This would work best for partials as my stock is limited and you may find certain colours do not have the same textures or lengths. This may not be an issue to some, and if used correctly will not have an impact on the suit.

- ARTISTIC LIBERTY MEANS I AM NOT MAKING A CHARACTER FROM A REF. I will look at the general species and colouration and make something in my style with little more input from the commissioner. If you understand this type 'monkeys like bananas' at the end of your email to me.


This is a basic list to give me an idea of what people are after.

Please fill it out and email to monkau[at]


Desired species:

commission type: (full / partial / head only)

main colour:

secondary colour:

head type:  foam / resin

Location: are you local? if not you will need to pay for post!

desired eye and tongue colour:

 Any other notes?


 Please make sure you tell me your furry name so I know who I am talking to!